The Best Digital Tools to Plan Your Next RV Trip

Planning an RV trip has become easier than ever thanks to technology. Instead of just traditional maps and Mapquest we now have an extensive selection of websites and apps at our disposal. With just a phone you can find RV park reviews, cheap gas near you, family attractions and pretty much everything in-between. The best part? A lot of great resources are free or affordable to use. All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device connected to the Internet. These are just a few of our favorite digital tools that make trip planning more simple than ever.

RV Park ReviewsrvparkreviewsLike Yelping a new restaurant, there isn’t a better way to learn more about RV parks than by reading reviews from the campers before you. RV Park Reviews is the largest & most popular review site dedicated to RV parks, covering over 15,000 campgrounds across North America. You can create a free account to post your thoughts on the campgrounds you’ve been to, and to see what other travelers have said about the places where you’re looking to stay next.

RV Park Reviews Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)rvparkreviews_mobile_appLikewise, the RV Park Reviews app will give you the same handy reviews and campground info, but in an optimized mobile interface. It’s a free download on any iPhone, iPad or Android and has been recently updated to make filtering and zooming in & out of photos much easier.

RV Trip Wizardrv_trip_wizardWhile RV Trip Wizard does charge a small fee, it’s well worth the value at $39 a year (or 11 cents/day) for what you’re getting. To start, they show all of the campgrounds near you (Good Sam Club, Passport America, etc) while most planning tools will only show you the locations they’re affiliated with. On top of a better selection they have a growing list of 57,000+ attractions to see across the U.S., plus other tools that will map out routes for you, estimate the cost of your trip and more.

Google Mapsgoogle_mapsGoogle Maps has always been a staple planning tool and it’s constantly being updated and improved. Plus you can map out the perfect route on RV Trip Wizard, download it as a file and import it into Google to get directions accessible from your mobile device. 

FuellyfuellyFuelly is a free tool that helps keep track of the fuel usage for your tow vehicle or motorhome. It’s simple to use: just enter a few numbers every time you fuel up and the app will tell you exactly how much you’ve spent on gas over time. Plus they already have information on thousands of vehicles already entered, so it can also help you determine if you’re getting good fuel economy.

Gas Buddyiphone-gas-apps-gas-buddy-mapWhy pay more for gas when there’s a station down the street 10 cents cheaper? Gas Buddy will keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing fuel prices, searchable by city or zip. You can look up places near you on their website here or download their app and pull it up on your phone when you’re on-the-go.

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