Tips to Make an RV Style Wardrobe

wardrobeThe biggest disadvantage of RVing is that you do not often have space, as much as you have at your home. Nevertheless, there are many ways for downsizing your wardrobe without compromising on your style or comfort when choosing the RV Lifestyle.

Take a look at these tips to make yourself a smart and efficient wardrobe that fits your RV lifestyle:

  • Chuck the clothes you have not worn for more than 6 months, provided these are not climate-specific clothes or the ones you love.
  • Accessorizing your outfits with jewelry, hats and other add-ons like a scarf can do wonders to your outfit!
  • Every new cloth must replace an old outfit or accessory.
  • The perfect black dress is popular for a reason.  Simple clothes are easy to mix and match as well.
  • Weather is at the root of every clothing decision and it is not as predictable or easy as the weatherman makes it out to be. When you’re RVing, you never know what the weather will do. It is best to carry a little something for every weather condition.
  • Thrift stores are like having an unlimited sized closet with access portals all over the world for just a low per-item storage fee. Most thrift stores are run by charities with the clothing donated to them. Thrifting allows you to maximize our limited storage space for what we foresee our upcoming months including. If you know you’re heading somewhere warm, you can concentrate on shorts, t-shirts, swim suits and sun dresses. If you’ll be attending a festival, or going on a cruise – you can pick up fun items.
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