RV Basics – Being a Good Neighbor

07Traveling in your RV usually means spending the night at campgrounds – and staying at campgrounds usually means you will have neighbors. While staying near a group of other RV enthusiasts is a great way to make new friends and meet people that share a common interest, you also have some responsibilities in terms of being a good neighbor. Just as you are trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation, so too are the other RV owners around you. If everyone could follow the few simple rules below for being a good RV neighbor, the overall experience would be improved for everyone.

Quiet Time
Perhaps the first rule of staying in a campground is knowing when to shut it down for the night. Most campgrounds even have a specific time posted that marks the start of ‘quiet time’, and you should be sure to observe that rule. If you are sitting around a campfire or a picnic table outside when the clock strikes 10 p.m. (or whatever time is posted by the campground), make sure you keep the noise down as you get ready to head inside for the night. Staying out late in into the night laughing around the fire might sound like fun, but it wouldn’t be fair to those around you who just want to get some sleep.

Control Your Pets – and Your Kids
The fun that you are having in your campsite shouldn’t spill over into the campsites of those staying around you. Specifically, make sure your kids and your pets are remaining within the limits or your site, or within the common areas of the campground. Allowing your kids and pets to run free throughout the campground is not only rude, it is also dangerous. There are large vehicles which move around RV campgrounds frequently, so it is very important that you keep both your kids and your pets under control and within sight at all times.

Put Away Your Trash
You have a responsibility to keep your campsite clean and free of garbage. If you leave trash out for an extended period of time, you will be creating an unsightly condition – and you might also be attracting unwanted wildlife into the campground. Make sure all of your garbage is either thrown away in the campground trash, or at least packed up into your vehicle or RV for later disposal.

Park Properly
One of the major annoyances that nearly every RV owner can relate to is having trouble getting their vehicle around the campground because someone has parked incorrectly. Take time to make sure your rig is positioned properly within the site so that everyone else can come and go without any trouble. Many campgrounds have roads which are barely wide enough to handle large, modern RV’s, so even a minor parking mistake can lead to big trouble for everyone else. Be courteous and take care to park your RV perfectly in your campsite.


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