RV Meal Planning Tips

Looking forward to traveling in your motor home with your family and kids? Great! Then, do you have the on-road meal plans all figured out? The secret to healthy eating on the road is simplicity. The other secret of good eating is planning. Though it means a lot of work, it’s actually fun tossing up some delicious lunch and dinner. Here are five simple tips for RV meal planning:

Photo of Irish Stew or Guinness Stew made in a crockpot or slow cooker.

Plan Ahead
When you plan your RV meals, you’ll have more room in your refrigerator and less wastage of food. No matter what you eat during the trip, you should be prepared ahead of time. Even your favorite baked items must be baked, packed and frozen in advance.

Consider Cereals
Cereals are a great option when you are hitting the roads in your motor home. They are easy to pack and carry. You can use them as a snack. Packing a few varieties of the cereals will also make for a tasty and healthy breakfast daily.

Pre-Marinated Meat for Camping
Pre-marinated meat is the best for your RV camping needs. You can look for brands that will freeze easily. It also ensures fast thawing. Opt for varieties like chicken breasts, beef kebabs or pork tenderloin. Get airtight packaging to ensure quick stacking in your freezer. Feeling hungry? Serve up a lip-smacking salad with corn on the cob or quinoa.

04Explore Local Finds
What about some local finds? Delicious blueberries at the local market may only cost a throwaway price of around $2. The same blueberries would cost you much more at home. If you are traveling in a fruit country, hit the local farmers markets. Fill your baskets with the fresh produce of apples, cherries, or local wine. Buy homemade jams and jellies from the locals and natural honey from the beekeepers.

Pre-Made Pancakes and Waffles
Why not pack a bag full of homemade waffles and pancakes before the trip? While cruising down the country roads simply unpack them and put them in your RV toaster. They are ready to eat without any mixing or measuring. Savor your favorite waffles and pancakes with maple syrup. Yum!

Try these RV meal-planning ideas whenever you are on a fun-trip with your family or friends. Enjoy the adventure!


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