Traveling with Children

In some respects, traveling with kids by RV is similar to traveling by car, except the size of the RV creates both new opportunities and complications. A good trip by RV takes advantage of the former, and a full accounting of the latter.

Bring Gamesfamilies
Instruct the kids to pack a few favorite games, toys and DVDs, and choose a few more yourself. Even if your RV comes with a television and DVD player, the kids need additional distractions.

Play Road Games, too
Play road games that everyone can participate in during the journey. I-Spy, Punch Bug and License Plate Poker are just three competitive activities that potentially involve everyone on the RV and keep kids occupied.

families3Plan Your Meals
Plan your meal stops around driving an RV. For a small RV, this might not prove a problem, but maneuvering a 45-foot rig into and out of a rest area or a fast food restaurant is often more complicated. Pay close attention to how far down the road the next rest area, road service area, or “island” of fast food restaurants and gas stations is, as these often have the space necessary for big RVs.

Research Amenities
Examine the amenities of the campgrounds you might stop at during the journey, and pick one that has a swimming pool, game room, hayride or some other activity for your kids to do at night. Just because you have stopped does not mean that your kids can keep themselves busy, and you will probably have at least a few hours to go before bedtime.

Plan Fun Stopsfamilies4
Research easy-to-reach places of interest along your route, and plan at least one activity stop per day. Kids on an RV have more space and opportunities to keep themselves busy, but that only reduces rather than eliminates the need for these stops.

Don’t Forget Anyone
Perform a headcount before departing after any stop. Never assume one of the kids is still in the back taking a nap or in the RV’s toilet. Make sure everyone is aboard before starting the engine and getting back on the road.


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