Be ready for a FUN and SAFE RV Getaway!

Before you get on the road this summer, make sure that you know how to keep your family safe while traveling in your RV.turning_stopping_distance

Know Stopping and Turning Distance:
Often drivers fail to correctly stop or turn. RVs need more distance to brake and width to turn.

tiresInflate and Check Tires:
Due to wear, unbalanced weight, and other factors tires can fail. RV might sit for a while so look for tire damage to avoid blowouts and make sure tires are properly inflated.


Balance the Load:balance
Pack evenly and avoid overloading one section. Unbalanced RV cause sudden blowouts, breakdowns and restrict braking and steering.

heightMeasure Heights:
Be sure to find the highest point of the RV and plan your route so you don’t get stuck in overpasses, bridges, or tunnels and cause roof damage.

Share the Driving:share_the_drive
Driving long distances can cause fatigue. Have a driving buddy or take a break when you get drowsy. Always wear your seat belt and text and drive.

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